The existing legislation to access a master’s degree requires students to hold an official university degree issued in Spain or by any other higher education institution belonging to a different participating State of EHEA which it authorises for the admission to a master’s degree.

Graduate students from education systems outside the EHEA can also access this master’s degree without the need for homologation of their diploma. Instead, the University will verify whether their diploma guarantees a training level equivalent to the corresponding official university degrees in Spain and which it authorises for the admission to a master’s degree in the country where the diploma was issued. Access by this way will not imply, in any case, the homologation of the student’s previous diploma nor its recognition for other purposes with the exception of studying this master’s degree.


Preferential access degrees:

•  Bachelor’s Degree in History

•  Bachelor’s Degree in History of Art

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Public Administration

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Law

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Philology

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Basque Studies

•  Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities

The Title Committee will decide for or against the acceptance of pre-enrolled students according to the following criteria:

Curriculum —————- 40%

Academic Record ————— 60%

  Training complements

For students from the EHEA holding a bachelor’s degree of 180 credits ECTS that request to access the master’s degree, the Academic Commission will study their academic record to assess the possibility of taking some training complement to be determined in each case.

Admission: https://admisionmaster.uva.es/

Pre-enrolment and access: For details please visit https://www.uva.es/export/sites/uva/2.estudios/2.04.master/2.03.02.acceso/index.html

Registration: https://www.uva.es/export/sites/uva/2.estudios/2.04.master/2.03.03.matricula/index.html

Part-time Registration: See the regulations of the University of Valladolid