Our philosophy

As reflected in article 1 of its rules, the Simancas Institute of History is a University of Valladolid centre dedicated to promoting research and teaching specialising in history for postgraduate students, as well as providing ongoing training for teaching staff.

The historical period covered by the institute spans from the Middle Ages to the present-day world, corresponding to the four main areas of which it is made up: Medieval History, Early Modern History, Contemporary History, and Economic History.

In order to promote research, the institute seeks to: 

– Enter into agreements with public and private entities to undertake research in certain topics and issues related to history.

– Carry out research programmes funded, managed and conducted byits members, in conjunction or otherwise with other work groups.

– Link young grantholders and researchers to such agreements and programmes, the main aim being for them to do their doctoral thesis.

– Forge special links with the Simancas General Archive and the Chancellery Archive, as well as with other archives and museums within the University of Valladolid district.

– Set up permanent scientific links with researchers, teaching staff and scientific institutions, both in Spain and abroad.

– Endow the institute with the essential material means required today to conduct research and scientific contact: computers linked to the Internet, computerised bibliographical and documentary information, email and the like.

In order to provide specialised teaching in history as well as ongoing teaching staff training, the Institute has carried out and will continue to carry out:

– Third cycle programmes.
– Series of lectures on specific topics.
– Conferences, seminars, round tables, debates, and all manner of meetings between specialists. 
– Training courses for researchers and archivists.
– Postgraduate courses addressing topics of special interest related to history. 
– Scientific publications.